Fight Fibroids And Ovarian Cysts With This Great Smoothie

Fight Fibroids And Ovarian Cysts With This Great Smoothie

Cysts on the ovaries and fibroids in the uterus are benign (not cancerous) growths. These can cause mild or severe symptoms of pain, bleeding or bloating. Almost 75% of women are affected by both. Ovaries can have single or multiple cysts which are fluid filled and can be small or large. Fibroids as well, are dense tissue that ranges in size and number from a single growth to multiple growths. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the type of cyst that is more complicated to treat.

Both fibroids and ovarian cysts are caused by liver overload and estrogen dominance.

Symptoms of Uterine fibroids:

  1. Uterine cramping from mild to severe
  2. Pressure on the bladder/rectum
  3. Constipation/rectal pressure
  4. Lower abdominal and/or lower back pain
  5. Bleeding that can be frequent or infrequent, heavy or light, with or without cramping.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts:

  1. Pressure with ovulation
  2. Sharp pain in pelvic cavity if large

Before these cause further trouble, try this amazing and natural smoothie that works just a well and has no adverse side effects. Here is how to do it:


1 Liter of beetroot juice
½ Liter of organic honey


Simply mix the ingredients in a blender and that’s it!


For best results, take 3 glasses of the smoothie every day – one at the start of the day, second is after lunch and third is after dinner. Continue this treatment for at least 2 months. In just a couple of weeks, you should already be noticing the results. Fibroids and cysts should be gone in a few months.



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