Eye Infections: 5 Effective Home Remedies That May Help Treat Common Eye Problems

Eye Infections: 5 Effective Home Remedies That May Help Treat Common Eye Problems

Eye infections can be unpleasant, painful, and irritating, if left unnoticed for a prolonged period it may lead to more serious problems. Eye infections generally develop when any harmful microorganism like virus, bacteria, fungi attack any part of the eye or adjacent tissues.

There are several conditions which can cause eyes to be infected or irritated and some of the common eye disorder include:

  1. Conjunctivitis
  2. Dry eyes, where the tear duct is not lubricating properly
  3. Blepharitis, the eyelids became inflamed
  4. Stye
  5. Keratitis, inflammation of the cornea


Some of the most common symptoms of eye infections include:


  1. Reddish eyes
  2. Intense pain
  3. Watery eyes
  4. Eye discharge
  5. Sensitivity to lights
  6. Swollen eyes
  7. Puffiness around the eyes
  8. Itchiness
  9. Blurred vision

There are several home remedies that are effective for eye infections which may assist you in easing the symptoms. These natural remedies may be quite significant to treat eye infections, however, it is always best to get examined by the doctor, as a few infections may be serious.

Effective Home Remedies For Common Eye Infections


Salt Water


Saline or saltwater is a time-tested natural remedy to treat eye infections. Saltwater facilitates to clear away pus, dirt or discharge, it functions like teardrops which are eye’s natural way of cleansing. Moreover, the potent antimicrobial property of saltwater is beneficial in treating eye infections.

Mix 1 teaspoon of salt in half a litre of cooled boiled water, dip a cotton swab and wipe your eyes from the corner end to your nose and discard the swab away. Repeat this several times, until the eye irritation settles.



Newborns are prone to mild eye infections. Breastmilk can remarkably treat the symptoms associated with neonatal eye infections such as conjunctivitis. Immense amounts of antibodies present in breastmilk help to battle infections and treat conjunctivitis in newborns.

Gently pour one-two drops of breastmilk in the eyes of a newborn using a dropper.

Clean the eyes in 5 minutes, repeat this twice daily for best results.

Green Tea Bags


The powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of green tea bags are potent to soothe inflammation and reduce swelling of the eyes. For best results place cooled tea bags on your eyes which facilitates beating stress and relaxation.

Essential Oils


Essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary oils have potential antimicrobial properties which battle microorganism causing eye infections.

Add a few drops of tea tree or rosemary essential oils in boiling water and cover yourself with a towel and inhale the vapour for 5 minutes to get relieved from infections.

Warm Compress


Warm compress helps to soothe infected, irritated, and sore eyes. Studies have also revealed that warm compress is a proven home remedy for treating conditions like blepharitis and eases dry eyes.

Soak a cloth in warm water and gently press it to your eye for 2-3 minutes, repeat this several times a day to soothe eye irritation. Always use a clean cloth and make sure that water is not too hot, so you don’t burn yourself.



To prevent mild eye infections, follow these simple and effective preventive measures:

  1. Wash your hands after using the toilets and touching dirty surfaces.
  2. Always clean and store your contact lenses in the right place.
  3. Never share eye makeup or brushes with others.

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