Top 8 Ways to Heal Our World From Cancer – And GO 100% ALL NATURAL WITH NATURAL MEDICINE!

Top 8 Ways to Heal Our World From Cancer – And GO 100% ALL NATURAL WITH NATURAL MEDICINE!

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After talking and writing about cancer and the factors that cause cancer among patients, we can safely conclude, at least at this point, that consumption of carcinogens is one of the major causes for creating cancer. In order for cancer cells to survive, grow and proliferate, it must receive more fuel.

Even though people think tumors are bad, actually, the growth of tumors is the way your body attempts to contain the harmful cells by keeping them in one place. If the tumor does not impact or disrupt the normal functions of the body, then attempting to remove it by surgery only increases the risk of spreading harmful cells to the rest of the body.

The main strategy for eliminating cancers is to stop feeding it fuel to grow. That actually means stopping the tendency of man to eat carcinogenic foods. Unfortunately, that list of cancer-causing ingredients is very long – and they can be found in your food, medicines, water source, air, personal care products (specifically parabens and phthalates), and the surrounding environment.

Cancer-causing agents in U.S. medicine and food now

Let’s just mention a few cancer-causing agents in food and medicines right now, specifically in the U.S. In medicine, we are made aware of treatments that do cause or worsen your cancer disease, namely chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Chemo utilizes the introduction of toxic materials into your system while radiation therapy exposes you to harmful CT or PET scans and x-rays which lead to abnormal cell mutations.

Chemotherapy actually destroys our immune system which includes all the good gut bacteria we have in our stomach and intestines and even speeds up the growth of new cancerous cells which spread all throughout the body. Prescription drugs which contain synthetic materials make our body highly acidic; these add to the uncontrolled cell mutations we have already.

Moreover, vaccines not only cause cancer but also contain mutated cells and genetically modified proteins from a host of things that shouldn’t be there, such as carcasses from several different kinds of animals and aborted baby fetuses. The list of toxic, modified ingredients in vaccines is endless!

The number of synthetics that may cause cancer swimming in our system may include artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives such as monosodium glutamate or MSG, sodium benzoate, nitrates and nitrites, aspartame, and artificial food colorings. These are all used in our food to enhance the taste but also has the effect of poisoning and shortening our lives. And not to mention pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides with GMOs that shorten our lives with their cancer-causing attributes.

Manage and fix your digestive system and prevent cancer

Our digestive system, specifically our stomach, needs a harmonious balance between our good and bad bacteria (85 to 15 percent ratio) in order for us to survive. To do that, we should also avoid the following: vaccines, prescription medicines (conventional drugs), tap water (with toxic fluoride and heavy metals), cigarettes, chemotherapy, alcohol, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, conventional gluten foods, high fructose corn syrup, and bleached food (like white rice). By then you would have eliminated many of the major causes of cancer and lengthened your life.

Instead, eat a lot more natural and unprocessed foods like organic vegetables, organic fruits, and organic seeds. If you are fighting cancer at the moment, do consult also a naturopathic doctor/health practitioner and a nutritionist to discuss your all-natural, organic food lifestyle.

The following are steps we recommend everyone to follow to be free or prevent cancer:

  1.       Apply turmeric and curcumin therapy. Consume turmeric for anti-inflammation and a body free of germs and other viruses.
  2.       Remove GMOs, processed food, gluten, and artificial sweeteners in hospitals and home food
  3.       Utilize intense Vitamin C therapy (for certain types of cancer like colorectal cancer)
  4.       Increase intake of Vitamin D3 to 8,000 mg. (especially when fighting prostate, breast or colon cancer)
  5.       Use Oxygen therapy
  6.       Utilize medical cannabis therapy (instead of resorting to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery), with the proper recommendation and approval of your doctor
  7.       Drink a steady supply of spring water instead of tap water
  8.       Alkalize patient’s ph to 7.2 and check regularly throughout the day to maintain alkalinity

If all our fellowmen follow all these tips, everyone reduces, eliminates or prevents cancer.

How about you – do you have tips for preventing cancer? Share them in the comments below.

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